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Oct 24

On corrections

Re: My re-translation of Kitto Sora wa Kitto Aoi In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever really mentioned it, but I make little corrections to lyrics all the time, even to really old stuff of mine. Even stuff that is so cringey, I can’t believe I wrote it like that… but I get a lot of …

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Sep 02

What is this

Holy crap guys I’ve been translating lyrics for 9 years now. That almost seemed impressive until I realized that after nearly a decade my Japanese still sucks.

Aug 10

New WordPress design!

Welcome to the new Rizu’s Anime Lyrics! (And now, blog!!) I’ve been intending on a redesign for a couple of years now, but, as my less frequent updating may have suggested, I simply haven’t had the time to do so. WordPress was my solution. Aside from the simplicity of maintaining this site, using WordPress should allow …

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