Nov 21

Pokemon – Hyakugojuuichi


One Hundred and Fifty-One

Ishizuka Unshou and Pokémon Kids

Pokémon 1st Ending Theme


Nakama no kazu wa
Sorya yappari zettai gatchiri
Ooi hou ga ii!
Gutaiteki ni wa
Sorya hakkiri kikkari tappuri
Sukoshi yuuki ga
Arya batchiri shikkari nikkori
Nakama wo geetto!
Dakedo mo tamanya
Arya? Ukkari sukkari gakkuri
Nakama nigetto!

Kimitachi to no deai wa zenbu
Chanto oboeteru
Kidzutsuke atta koto mo atta kedo
Sore wa (e~to) wasureta

Madamada takusa~n
Kanarazu doko ka~ ni
Nakama wa iru hazu

Hyakugojuuichi no yorokobi
Hyakugojuuichi no yume
Hyakugojuuichi no omoide
Mezashite~ ganbaroo!

That’s the number of my friends
Positively, absolutely, solidly
Its good to have many!
Definitely, it’s
Clearly, exactly, entirely
One Hundred and Fifty-One!
With a bit of courage
Perfectly, get it together, Smile
And get friends!
But then, sometimes it’s?
Careless, completely heartbreaking
But then you get super-friends!

when I met all of you
I remember it perfectly
There were times when it was painful, but
That is, (Er…) I forgot

Faraway, somewhere
I’m sure there’s a place
Where there will be friends

One hundered and fifty-one joys
One hundered and fifty-one dreams
One hundered and fifty-one memories
Aim to do your best!

Japanese Lyrics

なかまのかずは そりゃ
やっぱり ぜったい がっちり
ぐたいてきには そりゃ
はっきり きっかり たっぷり

すこしゆうきが ありゃ
ばっちり しっかり にっこり
だけどもたまにゃ ありゃ?
うっかり すっかり がっくり

★キミたちとの であいはぜんぶ
 ちゃんと おぼえてる
 きずつけあった こともあったけど
 それは(え~と) わすれた
 まだまだ たくさ~ん
 かならず どこか~に
 なかまは いるはず

☆ひゃくごじゅういちの ヨロコビ
 ひゃくごじゅういちの ユメ  
 ひゃくごじゅういちの オモイデ
 めざして~ がんばろッ!

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