Aug 10

New WordPress design!

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2013)

Welcome to the new Rizu’s Anime Lyrics! (And now, blog!!) I’ve been intending on a redesign for a couple of years now, but, as my less frequent updating may have suggested, I simply haven’t had the time to do so. WordPress was my solution.

Aside from the simplicity of maintaining this site, using WordPress should allow me to make more frequent, smaller updates. It also serves as a good platform for a proper blog, so I may add a few Anime or Anime song related blog posts here and there… maybe. For those who have no interested in my ramblings, these can be filtered out by clicking the “Lyrics” category on the side panel.

For now, I’m going to leave comments enabled, since I do like receiving feedback on my lyrics. I may disable them if spam becomes an issue.

Enjoy the new design! I’m still in the process of testing and working on a few things, so feel free to leave a comment if something seems weird.

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