Nov 23

K-ON!! – Joyful Todays

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2013)

Joyful Todays

Taketatsu Ayana

K-ON!! Nakano Azusa’s Character Theme

Nebou shite chikoku kakekonda kyoshitsu
Imechen? tte kikare kidzuku
Jikan ga nakute orushippa no kami isshun awatete kimeta

Kyou wa kore de betsu baajon na jibun
Nihon ningyo mitai demo ne

Dareka to omotta yo nante iwareru tabi
Mune no atari nanka kosobayui
Haato ga kusukusu
Asobu tte kawatteku koto tte
Sasai na kikkake de
Sugoku kantan no kamo!?

Sutairu da ta ka teritorii to ka
Mamoru no tte sonna daiji?
Sanpuru wa nai ruuru datte nai
Kyou wo meippai ikiyou

Jugyouchuu to mawatte kita tegami
Naranda yorimichi risuto

Shiranai toko mo ii kana
Anabappoi kanmiyasan ni
Marushite kaeseba
Haato wa wakuwaku
Deau tte mitsuketeku koto tte
Juunan na choisu no kitto tsumikasane da ne!?

Minna to toomawari shite karitai yo
Chrakari houdai na oshaberi
Haato, onaka mitashite
Warau tte shiawase ni naru tte
Sugoku itoshikute monosugoku tattokute…

Dareka to omotta yo nante iwareru kurai
Yasashii ooki na hito ni nare
Chiisai mama demo
Sonna yume wo motasete kureru ureshii shunkan
Tanoshii kyou ni arigatou!!

After oversleeping, I come in late, rushing into the classroom
“You change your image?” I realize I’m being asked
I had no time so I decided at the last minute to leave my hair down

Today’s me is a different version
Though it looks just like a Japanese doll

Whenever they say, “is that really you?”
My chest feels ticklish
Like my heart is giggling
Hanging out, changing myself
Just by simply having the chance to,
Maybe these things are super simple!?

My style, my territory
Are these things important enough to protect?
Without samples or rules to go by
I’ll live today with all my might!

During class I accidentally passed around a note
With a numbered list of things to do on my way home

What about a place no one knows about?
There’s a little-known sweet shop
If I turn around and head back that way
My heart pounds in excitement
Meeting by chance, finding it
Perhaps this is the result of my flexible choices!?

I want to take the long way with everyone going home
Going this way and that, talking as much as we like
Filling my heart and my stomach
Smiling, being happy
They’re things beloved to me, unbelievably precious to me…

I’ll become a person that’s big and kind
So much that they’ll say, “Is that really you?”
I’m still small, but
I’ll let you hold onto that dream for this happy moment
Thank you for this joyful today!!

Japanese Lyrics

寝坊して遅刻 駆け込んだ教室 イメチェン?って訊かれ気づく
時間がなくて おろしっぱの髪 一瞬慌てて決めた

今日はこれで 別バージョンな自分 日本人形みたいでもね

誰かと思ったよなんて言われるたび 胸のあたり なんかこそばゆい
遊ぶって 変わってくことって 些細なきっかけで すごく簡単なのかも!?

スタイルだとか テリトリーとか 守るのってそんな大事?
サンプルはない ルールだってない 今日を目一杯生きよう

授業中ふと回ってきた手紙 並んだ寄り道リスト

知らないとこもいいかな 穴場っぽい甘味屋さんにまるして返せば
出合うって 見つけてくことって 柔軟なチョイスの きっと積み重ねだね!?

みんなと遠回りして帰りたいよ 散らかり放題なおしゃべり
笑うって 幸せになるって すごくいとしくて ものすごく尊くて…

誰かと思ったよなんて言われるくらい 優しい大きな人になれ
そんな夢を持たせてくれる 嬉しい瞬間 楽しい今日にありがとう!!

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