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Isshukan Friends – Kanade

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2017)


Amamiya Sora

Isshukan Friends Ending Theme

Kaisatsu no mae tsunagu te to te
Itsumo no zawameki, atarashii kaze
Akaruku miokuru hazu datta no ni
Umaku waraezu ni kimi wo mite ita

Kimi ga otona ni natteku sono kisetsu ga
Kanashii uta de afurenai you ni
Saigo ni nanika kimi ni tsutaetakute
“Sayonara” ni kawaru kotoba wo boku wa sagashiteta

Kimi no te wo hiku sono yakume ga
Boku no shimei da nante sou omotteta
Dakedo ima wakattan da bokura nara mou
Kasaneta hibi ga hora, michibiite kureru

Kimi ga otona ni natteku sono jikan ga
Furi tsumoru ma ni boku mo kawatteku
Tatoeba soko ni konna uta ga areba
Futari wa itsumo donna toki mo tsunagatte ikeru

Totsuzen fui ni nari hibiku beru no oto
Aseru boku hodokeru te hanareteku kimi
Muchuu de yobitomete dakishimetan da
Kimi ga doko ni itta tte boku no koe de mamoru yo

Kimi ga boku no mae ni arawareta hi kara
Nanimokamo ga chigaku mietan da
Asa mo hikari mo namida mo, utau koe mo
Kimi ga kagayaki wo kuretan da

Osaekirenai omoi wo kono koe ni nosete
Tooku kimi no machi e todokeyou
Tatoeba sore ga konna uta dattara
Bokura wa doko ni ita doshitemo tsunagatte ikeru

We held hands up to the ticket check
The usual noisiness, a new wind
Even though I cheerfully saw you off,
I wasn’t able to smile well as I watched after you

It seemed like the season you became an adult
Was not filled with sad songs
There was something I wanted to convey to you in the end
I searched for the words to replace “farewell”

I had thought the duty
To lead you by the hand was my mission
But I understand now; the days behind us
Hey, still guide us on

When you become an adult
It piles on me and changes me too
If there’s a song like that there
The two of us can be connected, always, at any time

Abruptly, suddenly, the echoing bell chimed
I was impatient, let my hand go and you were separated from me
In a daze I called for you to stop and embraced you
My voice calling “where did you go?” protects you

From the day you appeared before me
Everything seemed different:
The morning, the light, tears, a singing voice
You brought me radiance

I’ll put my uncontrollable feelings in my voice
To send to your town, far away
If there could be a song like that
We could be connected even if we go away somewhere

This song was originally done by Japanese pop duo Sukima Switch.

Japanese Lyrics

改札の前つなぐ手と手 いつものざわめき、新しい風
明るく見送るはずだったのに うまく笑えずに君を見ていた


君の手を引くその役目が僕の使命だなんて そう思ってた
だけど今わかったんだ 僕らならもう


焦る僕 解ける手 離れてく君
夢中で呼び止めて 抱き締めたんだ




  1. karikari

    Hey Riz, I just learned Japanese a while ago and I find your site very helpful.

    Question though: In line 6 and 7, about the “you ni” part. My teacher told me that “you ni” means “just like”, “similar to” etc but can also mean “I wish” or something like hope or prayers. Isn’t the phrase more likely to be:
    [So that the season you became an adult would not be filled with sad songs,
    There was something I wanted to convey to you in the end. I searched for the words to replace “farewell”]

    But I’m still new at this thing, so I hope I don’t make you confused (neither Japanese or English are my main language). Gracias!

  2. rizuchan


    You are correct about the many different meanings of “you ni”, and it can get tricky. In this case it is “similar to”, or specifically to this translation it is used as “it seemed like…” which is another usage of “you ni”. Hope that was more insightful than confusing…

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