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Hetalia – Hatafutte Parade

Hatafutte Pareedo

Flag-waving Parade

Namikawa Daisuke

Hetalia World Series Ending Theme

Migi te ni wa shirohata
Hidari te ni wa pasutaa!

Hatafutte hatafutte hatafutte pareedo
Miwaku no sekai e Andiamo!
Te wo totte wa ni natte mawaru yo chikyuugou
Kirakkira nagagutsu de zekkouchou!

Verde Bianco Rosso de torikoroore!
Butarettate mekenai zo!

(“Aaa~ Onnanoko ga takusan mi ni kiteru
Ve bella bella ciao! ciao ciao~
Uwawawa! Chotto matte chotto matte! Ima modoru kara!”)

Hatafutte hatafutte hatafutte pareedo
Gakki wo narashite koushin da~
Minna de see no de gassou sureba
Tatta hitotsu no uta kanseki sa

Shikikei wa ore Vinechiaano!
“Demo kono pasuta hayaku yudetakute tamannai yo~!”

Nabiku Capelli d’angelo
Piero wa Ruote ni notte
Farfalle wa oretachi wo yuukidzukeru you ni mau!

Viva l’allegria! Ya na koto wa yareba
Suki ni naru!
Viva l’allegria! Ii koto nara abiru hodo Beviamo!
Viva l’allegria! Wakiagaru daikansei
Viva l’allegria! Aozora ni ukabu ii sole maru de pittsa!
Kajireba Mezza luna!

Hatafutte hatafutte hatafutte pareedo
Merodi wa bankokukyoutsuu sa~
Itsutsu no tairiku to nanatsu no umi wo
Norinori na Tempo de daioudan!
Asu e tsudzuiteku karunevaare!
Yume no chakku mogurikome!

Verde Bianco Rosso de torikoroore!
Butarettate mekenai zo!

(“Ve. Kutsu himo hodokechatta…
A, minna! Matte matte matte matte yo~!
Umaku musubenain da yo! Doitsu! Doitsu! Tasukete yo!

In my right hand is a white flag
In my left hand is pasta!

It’s a flag-waving, flag-waving, flag-waving parade
To the captivating world, Andiamo[1]!
When we join hands and form a circle we turn around the earth
With a shiny, leather boot in hand I’m at my best!

Verde Bianco Rosso[2] is my tricolore!
I won’t be discouraged even if I get smacked!

(“Ah, lots of girls came to see me!
Ve~ bella bella ciao[3]! ciao ciao~
Ahhh! Wait, wait wait! I’m coming back, now!!”)

It’s a flag-waving, flag-waving, flag-waving parade
Sound your instruments and march on~
If we all play together on one, two
We’ll create a complete song[4]!

And the conductor is me, Vineziano!
“But this pasta needs to hurry up and boil, I can’t stand waiting~!”

Capelli d’angelo[5] flutters in the wind
While a clown rides Ruote[6]
And with Farfalle[7] on we’re given the courage to dance!

Viva l’allegria[8]! If you do things you don’t like,
You’ll come to like them!
Viva l’allegria! But if it’s nice then immerse yourself in it, Beviamo[9]!
Viva l’allegria! Cries of great joy well up inside me
Viva l’allegria! Il sole[10] floats in the blue sky like a pizza!
Take a bite out of it and it’s Mezza luna[11]!

It’s a flag-waving, flag-waving, flag-waving parade
It’s a melody the whole, wide world knows~
The 5 continents and 7 seas
Are grandly connected by a cheerful tempo!
Continuing on to tomorrow, carnevale[12]!
Unzip your dreams and crawl in!

Verde Bianco Rosso is my tricolore!
I won’t be discouraged even if I get smacked!

(“Ve. My shoelace came untied…
Oh, hey, everyone, wait! waitwaitwait!!
I’m not very good at tying them! Germany! Germany! Help me!

[1] Andiamo – “Let’s go”
[2] Verde Bianco Rosso – “Green” “White” and “Red”
[3] bella ciao – “Hello, beautiful”
[4] The given kanji is “chikyuu” (“earth”), with an alternate reading given, “uta” (“song”).
[5] Capelli d’angelo – Angel hair pasta
[6] Ruote – cartwheel pasta
[7] Farfalle – bow-tie pasta
[8] Viva l’allegria – “Long live joy!”
[9] Beviamo – “Let’s drink”
[10] Il sole – “the sun”
[11] Mezza luna – “half moon”
[12] carnevale – “carnival”

Japanese Lyrics


はたふって はたふって はたふってパレード
魅惑の世界へ Andiamo!
手をとって 輪になって まわるよ地球号
キラッキラ 長靴で 絶好調!

Verde Bianco Rossoでトリコローレ!
ぶたれたって めげないぞ!

はたふって はたふって はたふってパレード
楽器を鳴らして 行進だ♪
みんなで せーので 合奏すれば
たったひとつの地球(ウタ) 完成さ!

指揮係は 俺 ヴェネチアーノ!
「でもこのパスタ 早くゆでたくてたまんないよ~!」

なびく Capelli d’angelo
ピエロは Ruoteに乗って
Farfalleは 俺たちを 勇気づけるように 舞う!

Viva l’allegria! ヤなことは やれば好きになる!
Viva l’allegria! イイことなら 浴びるほど Beviamo!
Viva l’allegria! わきあがる大歓声
Viva l’allegria! 青空に浮かぶ ll sole まるでピッツァ!
かじれば Mezza luna!

はたふって はたふって はたふってパレード
5つの大陸と 7つの海を
ノリノリなTempoで 大横断!
明日へ続いてく カルネヴァーレ!
夢のチャック もぐりこめ!

Verde Bianco Rossoでトリコローレ!
ぶたれたって めげないぞ!

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