Dec 02

End of Translation Challenge

(Last Updated On: December 2, 2013)

So the Animelyrics.com NaAniTaMo is finally over. It’s a relief to finally be done, but at the same time, I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do without having to translate a song every day. I was getting into a routine! And yes, though I didn’t necessarily post to the blog every day, I did, for the most part, translate one song each day, which was my goal. (Plus, I did 1 extra!)

So now to talk about some of my choices. I knew about the new Hetalia character themes, but I wanted to avoid them for now if possible… but I just couldn’t. I was running out of songs I wanted to do and couldn’t be picky. Actually, I desperately wanted to do more of the OreImo ending themes from the new season. But except for one or two, I haven’t been able to find the kanji lyrics on the web anywhere. And while I’m perfectly capable of typing up the kanji from the booklet, I just didn’t have time to do so when I had to worry about completing a song every day. So I did the OreImo songs I committed to doing and not any more. So, not making any promises, but there may be more OreImo songs trickling in. There’s one or two that I really want to do.

And now I’m committed to finishing up the new Hetalia Character CDs, aren’t I? I was reluctant to even listen to them because, honestly, all of the Hetalia songs recycle the same jokes over and over again, don’t they? That certainly seems to be the case this time around, too. That said, they are still all kinds of fun to translate. Ich Liebe… wins as my favorite to translate so far, mostly because I had to look up all the cooking-related words I haven’t used since my second year of college. My Friend gets a dishonorable mention for the fact it took me 15 minutes to translate the lyrics (“It’ll just be a quick one!”) and 2 hours to Google Japanese names of all the different kinds of faeries, especially “グウレイヴ”, which I never was able to find.

I feel like I had all kinds of things to say about the songs I did, but in the end, I guess I can really only remember the last handful. It’s amazing looking over the list of songs I did and barely having any memory of doing them. Speaking of which, with the constant updates, I imagine it was easy to miss some of them. Here’s a list of all the songs I did for the challenge:

Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – Namidairo no Tsubasa
Hetalia The Beautiful World – Anata ni Kyou mo Hohoemi wo
Hetalia The Beautiful World – I’m Your HERO
Hetalia The Beautiful World – My Friend
Hetalia The Beautiful World – Kyou wo Tanoshimou ze
Hetalia The Beautiful World – Ich Liebe…
OreImo 2 – Zutto…
Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – Mezameta Asa ni wa Kimi ga Tonari ni
Kokoro Connect – Salvage
Kokoro Connect – Kimi Rhythm
Rewrite – Koibum
Little Busters! – Jupinyaa
Clannad – fortune card
Kokoro Connect – I Scream Chocolatl
KEY Sounds Label – Shiawase ni Naru Ban
Servant x Service – May I Help You?
Little Busters! – Mission: Love Sniper
OreImo 2 – Filter
OreImo 2 – Kanjousen loop
Kokoro Connect – Cry out
Golden Time – Sweet&Sweet CHERRY
Golden Time – Golden Time
Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – Hanabi
Rewrite Harvest Festa! – Harvest
OreImo 2 – reunion
“Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – Kimi to no Nakushi Mono
WataMote – Dou Kangaetemo Watashi ga Warukunai
Kokoro Connect – Kokoro no Kara
Little Busters – Rin no Hisoka na Koi no Uta
Rewrite – Yami no Kanata e
OreImo 2 – Monochrome HAPPY DAY


  1. Anonymus(?)

    I need ”Omou Koto” D’:

  2. John

    I would be indescribably grateful if you would translate Bitter Bitter Sweet (Yukino & Yui’s character song) from Oregairu. I found a transliteration, but no translation anywhere.

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