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Digimon Adventure Tri – I can’t

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2017)

I can’t

Ikeda Jun’ya

Jou’s Character Theme

Gouin ni boku wo tsuredasu no wa yamete kure
Isso no koto aiso tsukashite waratte kure

Doushite boku nanda tte atama kakaete
Dou yatte kono sekai wo koereba ii?

I can’t go with you
Hountou wa nandomo iikaketa
That’s not for me.
Doushite? Boku ni se oeru wake nai
I can’t go with you.
Boku bakari yaranakya naranain datte
That’s not for me.
Sou yatte iiwakeshite toorisugitekita no ni
Kimi kara wa hanerarenai ki ga shiterun da….

Zetsubouteki na kabe ga tatoeba atta toshite
Boku wa damatte nigeru koto wo erabu no ka?

Demo kono sekai wa sou norikoerarenai mondai ga
Yamadzumi ni natteta tte kekkyoku mawaritsudzukeru kara

I can’t go with you.
Iikaketa sono kotoba wo mata kotaeta
That’s not for me.
Soredemo bokura nara dekiru kamo tte
I can’t go with you.
Nante kitto ienai hodo ima made
That’s not for me.
“Nandomo datte tachiagatekita daro?”
Kimi no sono hitogoto yuuki dzukeraretan da wasurenai

Doushiyoumonai hodo jishin ga nakute sa
Minareta machi mo taisetsu na kimi mo monokuro ni mieta


Itsuka kimi ga mayottari nayandari shita toki
Boku datte chanto tsuyoku mamoritai kara mou

I do not look back the past.
Tomo ni ikite ikun da boku ni wa
I’m so glad to have met you.
Tte mune hatte ieru hito ga iru kara
Itsumo kimi wo omowazu ni wa irarenain da…

Stop being so pushy, trying to get me out
Or better yet, just give up and laugh

Why do I just hold my head in my hand?
What do I need to do to get through this world?

I can’t go with you.
Truthfully, I’ve said it many times
That’s not for me.
Why? It’s not like I can carry you on my back
I can’t go with you.
I have so many things I need to do
That’s not for me.
Even though I passed with that excuse
I feel like I can’t be apart from you…

If there were a wall we were hopeless to pass
Would I choose to keep quiet and run away?

But, in this world, insurmountable problems
May pile up, but in the end, they always work out

I can’t go with you.
Once again, I answered with those words
That’s not for me.
But then again, if we were all together, maybe we could…
I can’t go with you.
…is not something I’m ready to say
That’s not for me.
“But weren’t there lots of times you were able to take action?”
I won’t forget how that single phrase gave me courage

I wasn’t confident that there was anything I could do
I saw this familiar city, and you, my precious friend, in black and white

“But still…”

If there’s ever a day you are hesitant and lost
I would want to be strong and protect you

I do not look back to the past.
We’ll keep on living together
I’m so glad to have met you.
Because I have someone who can say that to me with pride,
I can’t help but always think of you…

Japanese Lyrics

いっその事 愛想つかして笑ってくれ


I can’t go with you.
That’s not for me.
どうして? 僕に背負えるわけない
I can’t go with you.
That’s not for me.



I can’t go with you.
That’s not for me.
I can’t go with you.
That’s not for me.
君のその一言勇気づけられたんだ 忘れない

見慣れた街も大切な君も モノクロに見えた


僕だってちゃんと強く護りたいから もう

I do not look back the past.
供に生きていくんだ 僕には
I’m so glad to have met you.

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