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CLANNAD – Hitohira no Sakura

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2013)

Hitohira no Sakura

A Single Flower Petal


CLANNAD Insert Song, from instrumental “Haruka na Toshitsuki”

Sakura saku kono saka wo
itsuka kimi to aruita
Hitohira no hanabira no you na hito datta

Yume no naka kimi wo otte kono basho ni tatteta
Kimi wa iu koukai wo shinai de ikite to

Soko kara hajimaru monogatari ni jinsei to iu na wo tsukeyou
Bokutachi ga mogaite kurushinde ushinatte
Ayunde iku michi ni

Itsumademo soba ni iru sou chikatta ano hi ga
Tooku naru kaze ga fuku fuyu ga yatte kuru

Nukumori wo ataetai konna boku ga shitta
Furikaeru to soko ni wa haruka na toshitsuki
Haru ga kuru yawaraka na kaori ni tsutsumarete
Hitohira no hana ga mau boku wo mioroshite

Sakura saku kono saka wo
Ima mo nobotte iru

I walked with you one time,
On this slope blooming with cherry blossoms
You were a person who was like a single flower petal

I stood in the place where I chased you in a dream
You then tell me to live without having regrets

Let’s give the name “life” to that place where our story begins
On a street where we continuously struggle, suffer, lose things,
And go on foot

The day when you swore to always be by my side
Brings a winter with a distantly blowing wind

If this me who knows they want to give warmth
Turns around, there will be the long past months and years
But the coming spring is wrapped in a gentle fragrance
And a single flower petal flutters, looking down over me

I’m now, once again, ascending this slope
Blooming with cherry blossoms

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