Dec 30

Charlotte – Vanishing Day

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2015)

Vanishing Day


It started out like something that just burst out
It swallowed everything & everybody in its way
Everyday felt like a party, like a party
Never thought that
there’ll be an end to this, never, ever

I tried to hand you the night skies,
you look good in silver stars
Laughed aloud to it
and then you went started walking ahead
Trying desperate to
catch up with you all I had to do
It’s just another day

Inside the ocean of rice stalk that will gradually
turn colours brilliantly to red

and then you say to me
Any time is alright,
I am ready for the day
that we vanish away

Eventually it will be on the ebb
What’s left over will be
the remains of our dreams

The party is now over,
skies turning brightly
Lookin’ at your watch you tell me
“I have to go right now”
Reachin’ out to you to hold you
but I’m ending up in failure
It’s just another day

If I had a gun to shoot me in my head
I’d probably pulled the trigger
before it all rusted away
I will take too much time to back
and re-do everything
Maybe it’s time to let it go

Feeling like it’s some sort of destruction
Felt like that I was standing at a graveyard,
this is how I felt

Looking at your wrist that is
stained in red with your blood
Screamin’ out to say that
“I don’t want to end like this”
Everything repeats again,
going back through time to the past
Day I vanish away

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