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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – Baton Road

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2017)

Baton Roodo

Baton Road


Boruto 1st Opening

Mirai wo ima ni oinuite ashiato de egaita chijoue
Sono me ni yadose hikari to hi

Kasaneta yume no kage mayoigao utsuru mado
Yuuzou muzou tobira no mukou no gunjou
Tsukameba yume no kage kotae wa kaze no naka
Kitto mada mienai mono

Kawaita ashiato mo tadoreba osanaki hi
Mabataki mo wasurete

Kanata wo ima oinuite sorairo no hibi wa manshinsoui
Baton roodo fuan to kouro tsumazuki mo suru kedo
Ima wa namida no tane datte
Sakasereba idai na denshouka
Sono me ni yadose kimi no mirai

Dareka wo netamu koto dareka wo urayamu koto kitto sakete wa toorenai kedo
Risou shisou kimi dake no kidou ni
Sou mono dake wa tebanasanai de yo

Kudaketa ano yoru mo kako da to waraitobasu
Sonna hi ga kuru kara

Kitai wo ima ni oikoshite sabiiro no hi demo isshin furan ni
Baton roodo uten darou to kamai ya shinai no sa
Donna buzama na tane datte
Sakasereba idai na denshouka
Sono ne ni yadose kimi no chikai

Kouya ni hikareta senro
Kimi wa sugisaru hitobito no senagamu
Ashiato tsuketsudzukeru
Hibi wo nagekanai de ima wo hokotte

Yamima wo nukedasu tame no kotae ga hoshii nara
Yamikumo demo sono kokoro kagaribi wo moyashite

Kanata wo ima ni oinuite dare yori mo tsukande itai yo
Baton roodo dare ga nan to iou to nando datte ie

Mirai wo kimi to oinuite
Mitai no sa kono me de shinshou wo
Baton roodo furikaeru to kimi dake no chijoue
Ima wa namida no tane datte
Sakasereba idai na denshouka
Sono me ni yadose hikari to hi yadose kimi no mirai
Yadose itsumademo

Overtake the future now, a geoglyph is drawn by your footprints
Let the light and fire take hold in your eyes

Piled up shadows of dreams, hesitant faces reflected in windows
The masses of people, an ultramarine color behind the door
If you catch the shadow of a dream, the answer is in the wind
I’m sure it’s something that can’t be seen yet

If you follow your childhood days with parched footprints
You’ll forget even how they twinkled

Overtake the distance now, covered in wounds on days colored sky-blue
The baton road is a rough and anxious path, so you may stumble, but
Now they are seeds of your tears,
If you let them bloom they will be flowers of legend
Let your future take hold in those sprouts

Being jealous or envious of someone else
Is surely unavoidable
But on your own path, your ideals and thoughts
Are the things you should never let go of

A day will come when, on even a casual night,
You can look back at the past and laugh it off

Surpass expectations now, by putting your heart into it, even on rust-colored days,
You won’t even care if it’s raining on the baton road
No matter how ugly these seeds are,
If you let them bloom they will be flowers of legend
Let your oath take hold in the roots

You watch the back of each person going down the railroad
Stretching across the wasteland
Do not lament for the days
When you would follow their footprints – be proud of your present

If you want the answer that will let you slip free from the darkness
Then let the bonfire in your heart burn recklessly

Overtake the distance now – you want to catch it more than anyone else
Baton road – say it as many times as it takes, no matter what anyone else says

I’ll overtake the future with you,
Along with the new chapter we wanted to see with our own eyes
If you look back down the baton road, you’ll see your very own geoglyph
Now they are seeds of your tears,
If you let them bloom they will be flowers of legend
Let the light and fire take hold in your eyes, let your future take hold,
Let them take hold forever

Japanese Lyrics

未来をいまに追い抜いて 足跡で描いた地上絵
その目に宿せ 光と火

重ねた夢の影 迷い顔 映る窓
有象無象 扉の向こうの群青
掴めば夢の影 答えは風の中

渇いた足跡も 辿れば幼き日

彼方をいまに追い抜いて 空色の日々は満身創痍
バトンロード 不安と荒路 躓きもするけど
いまは涙の種だって 咲かせれば偉大な伝承花
その芽に宿せ 君の未来

誰かを妬むこと 誰かを羨むこと きっと避けては通れないけど
理想 思想 君だけの軌道に添うものだけは手離さないでよ

砕けたあの夜も 過去だと笑い飛ばす


期待をいまに追い越して 錆色の日でも一心不乱に
バトンロード 雨天だろうと構いやしないのさ
どんな無様な種だって 咲かせれば偉大な伝承花
その根に宿せ 君の誓い

荒野に引かれた線路 君は過ぎ去る人々の背眺む
足跡つけ続ける日々を嘆かないで 今を誇って

闇雲でもその心 篝火を燃やして

彼方をいまに追い抜いて 誰よりも掴んでいたいよ
バトンロード 誰がなんと言おうと何度だって言え

未来を君と追い抜いて 見たいのさこの目で新章を
バトンロード 振り返ると 君だけの地上絵
いまは涙の種だって 咲かせれば偉大な伝承花
その目に宿せ 光と火 宿せ 君の未来
宿せ いつまでも

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