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Mar 24

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Guilty Eyes Fever

shut down, to a world for just the two of us
Where we don’t need anyone else
I want you to tell me you love me
I’m being honest
Look into my eyes (love with fever)
Let me love you strongly (Guilty fever)

Mar 21

Scum’s Wish – Uso no Hibana

Don’t turn away when we lock eyes
See through the lie I’ve concealed
I don’t know my limits anymore
So don’t say anything now

It’s agonizing!
I love you so much it scares me

Mar 18

Love Live! School Idol Project – Yume Naki Yume wa Yume ja nai

I say fight! My cheering
Will always remain passionate
So you absolutely can’t give up!
A dream without a dream isn’t a dream

Mar 18

Love Live! School Idol Project – Storm in Lover

The Summer I want to see you, this Summer
Is a single story of you and I
So don’t run away, don’t be afraid
When we gaze at each other, Storm in Lover

Jan 23

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Tokimeki Bunruigaku

I’ve learned for the first time that there are varieties of excitement
Therefore, research is necessary
I request your help
Not for the purpose of documentation, but a more personal reason
Therefore, research is necessary
Please help solve this mystery

Jan 23

Fullmetal Alchemist – again

It seems you’ve forgotten, in the middle of this night, that we’re living to make our wish come true
We won’t be able to take it safe… because we have no place to go back to
You still have too long a life left to erase these feelings completely, don’t you think? (I’m on the way)

It takes me back
Even pain like this is a welcome feeling

Jan 12

Nitta Emi – Emusic

I wanted to be free, so I longed for wings
But before I knew it my singing voice had turned into the feathers
Happiness is a smiling melody, welling up in my heart
More and more! More and more!!
I want to feel it with everyone, I want to feel the moment
So, say it: EMUSIC!

Jan 12

Pile – P.S. Arigatou…

Reach now, my voice is my genuine words
Because you were here, I was able to make it this far
I’ll smile until graduation
So please promise me that you’ll kindly watch over me
PS… I truly thank you

Jan 12

Pile – Black Butterfly

Being able to meet you changed my world
Now I soar like a black butterfly
I want to meet you with a smile beyond this endless dream
So I’ll become a little stronger and surpass my limits
Watch over me until the end, until the day I can draw with my wings
Because I can’t take flight into this long journey alone

Jan 11


Come, take flight – your wings (seriousness) are a miracle power
Strong enough to break through the earth’s atmosphere
Break through,
In this airspace known as limited time,
Your goal
Is always > NEXT WORLD >

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