Jun 03

7 Years…?

(Last Updated On: June 3, 2014)

This website is going to be 7 years old in September. It started as a summer project translating Pokemon themes on youtube for practice learning Japanese, and I think I started submitting School Rumble lyrics to Animelyrics.com around then too.

So with that, I wanted to apologize for updates lessening over the years. This site is still alive and is still very important to me, even if I don’t have time to do translations as often as I used to.

A lot of life has happened in those 7 years. My first two years of college were filled with a lot of free time for anime and anisongs. But as I got busier with school and work, I found myself making excuses for not doing as many translations, “I’m busy now, but as soon as tests are over…” or “after I graduate I’ll have lots more free time…”

The frustrating thing about anime songs: save the generic opening and ending themes, it’s difficult to accurately translate them without being familiar with the show. When I first started this site, I took requests, and I learned this really fast. Even shows I had a passing familiarity with, it was sometimes difficult to catch all the references. So I don’t like to do requests anymore. There is too much time pressure and if I’m not familiar with the show, it’s just no good. (But all of that said, I don’t mind if you ask! I might surprise you.) My point is, in order to translate a variety of anisongs, I have to watch a variety of anime, obviously. And I’ve just had less time to do so.

Sorry for a rambling post. But this has been weighing on me lately and I just wanted everyone to know I still intend on doing translations for a long time.

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  1. eijin

    Hey rizu,

    Thank you for your website came from golden time Yui horie world’s end lyrics. i really love to have the lyrics, of songs that i do love !
    if you happen to put the lyrics of Ayase Rie-Katachi no Nai Hana ; it would really be a blast.

    wish you the best !

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