Monthly Archive: November 2017

Nov 29

Love Live! Sunshine – My Mai * TONIGHT

Dance, dance, weren’t people born in order to become passionate?
Dance, dance, I’m sure that’s the case
So let’s dream and dance

My Dance * TONIGHT (DANCING TONIGHT) let’s make today
My Dance * TONIGHT (DANCING TONIGHT) the very best today!

Nov 29

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Shoujo Ijou no Koi ga Shitai

Look at me, really look at me – I don’t care if I get hurt
Just making small talk is so boring
Because, I want to get to know you better!
Don’t brush me off, you’ve lit in my eyes
A passion I’ve never known before (That I want to yearn for)
Embrace me, embrace me, I want to love in a way beyond that of a young girl’s

Nov 22

Pokemon – Pokettari Monstari

Pocket-ing, Monster-ing
Angering, forgiving
Pocket-ing, Monster-ing
Smooching, blushing!
Pocket-ing, Monster-ing
Connecting, Separating
Pocket-ing, Monster-ing
Wishing, Granting!

Nov 22

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Yuuki wa Doko ni? Kimi no Mune ni!

We’ll chase after them as many times as it takes – don’t lose!
Everyone makes mistakes
Our dreams won’t fade, our dreams won’t fade
We’ll chase after them as many times as it takes – don’t lose!
Because today is just today, and because when we wake up it’ll be a new morning
Oh, the sun is smiling at us!

Nov 16

Digimon – Sorairo no Kaze

Let that sky-blue wind always be blowing
To give everyone, everyone courage
Just try turning back around – I’ll smile and nod at you
It’s okay, I’m here

I’ll gather that sky-blue wind in my heart
To give everyone, everyone a smile
When I load the tips of my toes with just a little bit of power
Let it fly up into the sky

Nov 16

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi – Ashita, Boku wa Kimi ni Ai ni Iku.

Just loving you isn’t enough
Just longing for you isn’t fulfilling
Only loneliness is my reality again today
But if I go to see you now, I’ll end up crying

Just loving you isn’t enough
Just longing for you isn’t fulfilling
When the light of the morning comes flowing in
I’ll have the courage to tell you I love you

Nov 16

Naruto Shippuuden – Troublemaker

C’mon, let’s do all we can
It’s okay even if this is just a dream
What’s wrong with having to push yourself a bit? (Oh)
I wanna be with you
(Go go) Make your emotions shake
(Let’s go) I’m sure it’ll be fine
(Go go) So fly to the ends of the blue sky

Nov 09

Love Live! School Idol Project – Blueberry Train

Oh dear, I’m going to be late
Oh no, dash to the station!
Am I going to have to appologize at the start of our first date?
Oh dear, that would be bad
Oh no, hurry up, train!
This anxious feeling is sour, Blue~berry Train

Nov 09

Love Live! School Idol Festival – Takaramonos

The treasures we found here and now
There’s so many! – There is, isn’t there? – It’s everyone’s smiles!
They were the treasures we found here
Let me see everyone’s overflowing dreams, more and more!

Nov 08

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – OVER

Stick your chest out proudly toward the future
We can do it now – today is the boundary line
Just let me laugh and say, see you, see you later!
Arguments over feelings are difficult for sure
Though you’ll get flustered, no matter what
New, unexplored developments will come to the hand you reach out, reach out