Monthly Archive: July 2017

Jul 28

Love Live! School Idol Project – Kore Kara

The seasons change, and though everything changes
It’s only natural, but my heart feels a bit lonely
I wonder if you’ll chase that feeling everywhere?
We’ve come so far from when we met and resolved to be together
Ah, surely you… feel the same way…?

Jul 28

Love Live! School Idol Project – Dreamin’ Go! Go!!

Shall we, Go! (Go!) Go! (Go!) try to fly further than everyone else?
Go! (Go!) Go! (Go!) Don’t say that it’s impossible
Go! (Go!) Go! (Go!) At the very least, aim for the goal ahead
Go! (Go!) Go! (Go!) I want to meet with something! It’s so exciting

Dreamin’, it won’t disappear –
This Dreamin’ Sensation

Jul 19

Digimon Adventure Tri – Agumon SUNba

Form a circle, Agumon SUNba
My tummy’s getting empty, but
Everyone, everyone, ride the rhythm!
Agumon SUNba

Jul 19

Digimon Adventure Tri – Kioku no Kakera -Tentomon Side-

Koushirou-han, you’ll be fine
Koushirou-han, you’ll do your best
Koushirou-han, you can see it through
My prided partner

Jul 18

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Daydream Warrior

A Daydream of light and darkness (Daydreamer)
Awaiting me beyond the black door
Embraced (by fate) is my Lost love
“The kindness I knew that day is the one thing I won’t forget,”
I wipe the sweat trailing from my brow; I’ll put an end to this with my own hands

Jul 18

Sakura Quest – Freesia

I described the feelings one day back then,
And became someone who could believe in theirself
And now it has come to feel completely natural
I will feel this support and bits of warmth
while next to you, one of these days
Because this is the place I say, “I’m home!”

Jul 10

Kemono Friends – Oozora Dreamer

We can’t fly in the sky, but
We have the wings from our dreams, so
Plip-plop, we’ll drip with sweat
Peck-peck, we’ll grow big
And one day take to the big sky!
Crying and laughing, Pop People Party, PPP

Jul 10

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Mijuku DREAMER

No one knows yet what the future will be like
But I’m certain that’s what makes it fun
When we’re with everyone else, we can get through
Anything that comes our way – we’ll encourage each other
No one knows yet what the future will be like
But I truly want to make it fun
When I’m with everyone else, I want to do the impossible
I want to grow – I’m still a novice DREAMER

Jul 07

Bleach – Shoujo S

To be able to say I don’t, don’t, don’t want you to go is selfish of me
(So you’ll never go, so you won’t have to go)
Love? Friendship? Either way, I want to know
(You’re being too vague for me to understand)
I’m waiting for you to knock on the door inside my heart one day

Jul 03

Anly – Ii no

It’s fine even if we don’t hold hands
I’m fine Just seeing you
Even if I get lonely, it’s fine
It’s fine
It’s fine even if someone else steals you away
It’s fine, as long as you’re smiling
I’ll be fine if I hold back my tears
It’s fine