Monthly Archive: April 2017

Apr 26

Digimon Adventure Tri – Go My Way

If you can dream it, you can do it.
Go my way!
By saying I wanted to live for someone else
I was able to realize so many miracles
I never want to forget that day
I’m so happy! Go my way!

Apr 13

Digimon Adventure Tri – Daisuki-ism

Hey, you gave me lots and lots of “fun”
It’s going pata-pata in my chest
You know why? It’s because I love you!
Our grins are a pata-pata-ism

Apr 13

Digimon Adventure Tri – Heart wo Sagase

Search for your heart; it’ll light up the world
So stopped time will begin to move again
The rainbow arch hanging in the sky
Draws the boundary – let’s fly there!

Apr 13

Digimon Adventure Tri – Eien no Puzzle

It’s an eternal puzzle – if you ever get stuck
I will be your missing piece
North, south, east and west
Let’s take the first step
Like a butterfly flapping its wings
And shine the way to tomorrow

Apr 13

Digimon Adventure Tri – Ring

It’s like a Ring, how we talk of love,
Of tracing memories, of your smile
I fear the shadows of our tears
And that I may even lose my heart, as I wait for tomorrow

Apr 05

Digimon Adventure Tri – Uraomote Crossroad

Hey, which Mei is the real Mei?
Beyond the crossroad, front and back
If you don’t get something, you shouldn’t lose anything
Light and shadow will never be apart
Even if we’re apart, Mei can hear
Mei’s voice, Mei’s voice…

Apr 05

Digimon Adventure Tri – Mabaeta Tsuyosa

When the budding “strength” blooms inside my heart someday
I’m sure our bonds will never be strained
No matter how many times it takes, I want us to be connected
For sure

Apr 04

Digimon Adventure Tri – You can

Right? You’ll be fine! Just remember
I’m always here with you, no matter when
I always believe in you
Like, when you can’t walk anymore
Or when you lose confidence
I will never leave your side! You can do it!
Haven’t you always been able to take action?

Apr 04

Digimon Adventure Tri – I can’t

I can’t go with you.
Once again, I answered with those words
That’s not for me.
But then again, if we were all together, maybe we could…
I can’t go with you.
…is not something I’m ready to say
That’s not for me.
“But weren’t there lots of times you were able to take action?”
I won’t forget how that single phrase gave me courage

Apr 02

Digimon Adventure Tri – Together as one

Don’t tell me that’s not like me, just hold me
In your arms as if wrapping around me
Carved deep inside our hearts we stand
Together as one
I don’t know how to make the flow of time stop
But instead of standing still, paralyzed
We’ll take a step forward without fear – now until the end, even just a little