Monthly Archive: March 2017

Mar 31

Digimon Adventure Tri – Yume no Kanau Basho

My hand can’t reach you in the sky
But I will never forget the day I chased after it with you
No matter how far away the future is
The present where I am here with you connects us
I want to find a place in this world
Where dreams come true; I’m sure there,
However faint, are wings that shine golden

Mar 31

Digimon Adventure Tri – Kioku no Kakera

When I met you
In a tiny body
I felt the door to the world had opened up
Just a little bit of courage isn’t enough,
But I wanted to unfold knowledge in my hands and protect you

Mar 31

Digimon Adventure Tri – Kimi ni Totte

If you were to tell me that I’m indispensable to you
I would hope that you would run with me anywhere
So, if I ever were to forget you
Let’s make a promise – to meet again, no matter how many times it takes

Mar 24

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Guilty Eyes Fever

shut down, to a world for just the two of us
Where we don’t need anyone else
I want you to tell me you love me
I’m being honest
Look into my eyes (love with fever)
Let me love you strongly (Guilty fever)

Mar 21

Scum’s Wish – Uso no Hibana

Don’t turn away when we lock eyes
See through the lie I’ve concealed
I don’t know my limits anymore
So don’t say anything now

It’s agonizing!
I love you so much it scares me

Mar 18

Love Live! School Idol Project – Yume Naki Yume wa Yume ja nai

I say fight! My cheering
Will always remain passionate
So you absolutely can’t give up!
A dream without a dream isn’t a dream

Mar 18

Love Live! School Idol Project – Storm in Lover

The Summer I want to see you, this Summer
Is a single story of you and I
So don’t run away, don’t be afraid
When we gaze at each other, Storm in Lover