Monthly Archive: December 2016

Dec 23

Show By Rock!!# – Heart wo Rock!

Sing, rock! Rock! Be excited! Be yourself!
(Yes! Yes! C’mon! Come~ on! C’mon!)
If we play, even though our feelings are still, still, still wrapped up
(Fu Fu! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!)
Rock your heart! Rock! Rock out!
(Yes! Yes! C’mon! Come~ on! C’mon!)
Can’t you hear it? See?
It gives my heart strength – it’s magic!
(Fu Fu! No~t yet! Non stop!)
I’m sure words are (unnecessary), with honest (feelings)
I can strum more and more!

Dec 20

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – Aurora Days

Hey, don’t forget
If you look back, in the distance
The day we met here, nostalgia…
The feelings come rushing back

The days have stacked up since
Time is rather like magic
The future becomes the present, the past,
And then becomes a memory

Dec 15

Love Live! School Idol Project – COLORFUL VOICE

Yay yay yay, right? A COLOR CODE!
Hey hey hey, what’ll you do?
A COLOR CODE like that, or like this,
Which one suits me best?

Dec 09

World Trigger – Dream Trigger

I looked at all of the stars in the sky, drew my dream,
And realizing my heart was racing
Here and now, I’ll announce our creation story (beginning): our story
Let’s wish on a shooting star
For it to be heard everywhere, and for this feeling to never disappear

Dec 08

Digimon Adventure Tri – WHICH

An answer, a light, makes no difference either way
Is that okay? It’ll be fine, I just have to be myself
Whether you’re hanging your head or looking up,
1 second goes by either way

Dec 02

Love Live! School Idol Project – Sayounara e Sayonara!

Rather than basking in nostalgia
Let’s laugh together and say we’ll meet again
Put aside “farewell” until “maybe”
Now is the time for the enjoyment of now – I want to have fun with everyone
“Goodbye to farewell!” …it’s silly, but I wanted to say it…

Dec 02

Love Live! School Idol Project – ? ←HEARTBEAT

We don’t even have time to spare to be thankful
We’re still surprised, a ?←HEARTBEAT
Surely this happiness came too suddenly
We can’t manage to move forward from the question mark
So, what do we do?

Dec 02

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Self Control

You’re the best! (One more chance time!)
I want everyone to tell me that
(Tell me I’m the best)
Dance now!Dance now!
You’re the best! (One more chance time!)
I’ve decided that I’ll make you say that
(I’m serious, I’m not playing around)
Dance now!Dance now!
Head toward the distant light more, Baby!
I want to fly with you more, baby!
Even if I know my fingers are trembling, I won’t look
What’s important is to have SELF CONTROL!!

Dec 02

Love Live! School Idol Project – Diamond Princess no Yuuutsu

A beautiful girl swaying dreamily
Is something that should only happen in movies
That’s something no one understands
Go away! I won’t say “protect me,” or anything like that
Instead of being something delicate and fragile,
I want to melt passionately, passionately
Are you up to the challenge?