Monthly Archive: August 2016

Aug 25

Gyakuten Saiban – Jinsei wa Subarashii

Life is wonderful – you should be prouder than anyone
Take each case one-by-one, go on without giving up or hesitating!
The seven wonders called the future
If you believe, your dreams will come true
You with me, you with me, let’s call out to a new tomorrow

Aug 16

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Aozora Jumping Heart

I want My Story to begin! (C’mon, right now!) The blue sky is waiting for us
Embrace your dreams, Jumping Heart
That alone is enough to advance to tomorrow – Youth, full speed ahead!?
That was when it began, (Sunshine Story) Excitement is always precious, don’t you think?
Let’s go catch our dreams
I wonder what kinds of things will happen? Not knowing is what makes it fun!

Aug 16

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Yozora wa Nandemo Shitteru no?

Can’t sleep for some reason, can’t sleep tonight
My thoughts are racing
And I’m just tossing and turning
You have to be honest with your precious friends
I’ll try to open up with the truth instead of being gloomy
Ah, it’s like the night sky knows all… does it?

Aug 02

Rewrite Harvest Festa! – Sasayaka na Hajimari

In worlds that overlap over and over, entrust your body to the passage of time
Let’s always continue walking ahead together

I won’t mind if it’s just something small – I won’t wish for something like eternity
Certainly, the fact that we are here now
Is happiness