Monthly Archive: July 2016

Jul 21

Sailor Moon Crystal – New Moon ni Koi Shite

The future in the flashing, dancing sky
A dazzling meteor shower
My heart-pounding won’t stop
I have become aware of your gravitation

The beginning is a new moon

Jul 21

Norn9 – Jiyuu na Sora e

The sparkling world beyond my window
Was like the feelings you gave me
Amidst the scenery that was the same as always
You were reflected beautifully in the sky I never knew

Jul 21

Norn9 – Ningyou wa Chou no Yume wo Miru no ka?

I see you through these lenses
I want to embrace only you
I’ll invite you to the darkness
If you wander into it, you’ll forget everything –
This is a world where words are needless

That right, dolls do not dream

Jul 01

Love Live! School Idol Project – Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari

The little bird’s wings have finally grown big
It’s the day she takes flight
The warm color of the vast sea going far away
It’s like a picture drawn inside a dream
If it’s too painful, should we try turning back time?
No no no, the present is best!

Jul 01

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Torikoriko PLEASE!!

I’m sure there will only be a single chance
I wonder when that will be… I’ll catch it for sure!

AH! No one knows a shortcut to love
But, you know? LOVE ME!
“Because it’ll make you happy!”
Could that really be true? It’s a spell of love