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Dec 31

Naruto Shippuuden – Sayonara Memory

Hey, smile, come here, call my name, just once is fine
Shine, shine, shine, farewell, my tears
Stop time, make a wish, don’t stop loving, just for tonight
Turn around, turn around, turn around, tears of goodbye
Close your eyes…

Dec 31

Dangonronpa the Animation – Zetsubousei: Hero Chiryouyaku

“What do you desire?” Rings in my ear like a lie
Somehow my world seems to have been bugged

Worldly desires obstruct our view – he says that’s called equivalent exchange
So I drowned in his lies and gave into temptation

We all must join in the King’s Game
He won’t hear any words of opposition

Dec 31

Love Live School Idol Project – Saitei de Saikou no Paradiso

I want to try to win tonight’s adventure with dangerous rules
It’s the greatest and worst premonition of us coming together
Paradiso!! Tonight’s adventure is a sudden Fantasy with dangerous rules
Maybe it’s become love, maybe it has
It’d be nice if it has… I won’t let you say that

Dec 31

Love Live School Idol Project – Beat in Angel

Beat in Angel
Have fun, even if it’s just for now
For real!? Angel
My needle won’t hurt, won’t hurt at all
If you gaze gently into my eyes, the Passion will make you numb
Don’t run away, prepare yourself
A feather-covered Angel Beat

Dec 30

Charlotte – Vanishing Day

Looking at your wrist that is
stained in red with your blood
Screamin’ out to say that
“I don’t want to end like this”
Everything repeats again,
going back through time to the past
Day I vanish away

Dec 30

Charlotte – Vanishing Day (Japanese Ver.)

Like in some kind of ruins
I felt like I was in a cemetery

Before my wrist is dyed red
I scream that I don’t want this to end
It repeats again, I fly away again
It’s the day I vanish

Dec 30

Charlotte – Sinking Ships

People grow up to realize
Treasures we may seek is owned by someone
Other than yourself and
They will never let it go from their hands
They’re the people that are chosen
From the start by the maker above

Everything is unfair
from when we were brought into this world

Dec 30

Charlotte – Sinking Ships (Japanese Ver.)

When you grow up you know
The treasure isn’t yours – it is owned by someone else
Who will never give it up
They are the people chosen from the start

Everything is unfair from the time we are born

Dec 30

Charlotte – Scar on Face

my hair I wear in bangs
getting long again
I need get a trim
but I don’t wanna go

Dec 30

Charlotte – Scar on Face (Japanese Ver.)

My bangs
Are long again
The time has come
But I don’t care

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