Monthly Archive: November 2014

Nov 30

Rewrite – Sunbright

If I cannot shine like the sun
I’ll bloom on one side! Like a sunflower
Is it wrong for me to want a picture of a happy future?
Lead me, I’m still a student…!

Nov 30

Hetalia the Beautiful World – Tomodachi tte Ii na…

What should I do, what should I do
I wonder what I should do to make friends?

I want, I want
I want true friends

If I were with friends
Even the Cossack dance would be so much fun
It all~

Nov 28

Hetalia the Beautiful World – Shiroi Honoo

Béloje plámja, footsteps approach it even in the short summer
odinóčestvo, The trees rustle, asking “why?”
Without searching for a reason
“That time when I still knew nothing,
That time when I accomplished nothing,
My innocent wish was suitable to be called a dream
I’m sure at that time I knew that innocent, child-like brightness

Nov 28

Hetalia the Beautiful World – C.B.C. (Cowboyz Boot Camp) Vol.1

Hands up, Hetalia!
Resistance is futile!
Raise your hands and freeze just like that!

Welcome to my boot camp!
From today forward, you are Cowboys!
Hey, hey, hey ho!!

Nov 16

Hetalia the Beautiful World – Koi se yo Mademoiselle

Love is a beautiful thing
But it is a fleeting thing
The night is short, come, ladies, let’s fall in love
The starlight spills and scatters in this dreamy, capital of love
Look, if you take a look around
It’s a rose-colored world where everyone whispers of love

Nov 16

Hetalia The Beautiful World – Vorwarts Marsch

No matter what I do, I pay strict attention to time
And do everyday by the manual
For the sake of carrying my pride and moving forward
Today, again, I carry myself with correct posture
As I go on to my destination (Marsch! Marsch!)

Nov 15

Hetalia the Beautiful World – Niji no Mukou wo Mi ni Ikou

Grasp the fragments of a smile and very soon it will return to your hand
Everyone, brush off the tears you’ve cried!
Let’s look beyond the rainbow! Let’s look while holding hands!
To a new world, just the two of us
A door to a yet unseen dream is beyond the rainbow
Everyone shines in the sea and the sky
The thing more important than anything else is now before your eyes
When I’m with you, everything is a glittering treasure

Nov 15

OreImo 2 – Omou Koto

(To the lying big brother)

The lies you told were pretty, and moreover, always selfish
My hidden but persistent feelings change into tears
The lies I told were cunning, and surely hurt you
And yet, your kind smile still envelops me for some reason
I’ll express it and wipe away these tears

Nov 15

Tonari no Seki-kun – Meiwaku Spectacle

It’s the beginning of the heart-pounding, throbbing
To what extent will you be playing with my feelings?

There’s no way I can ignore it, it starts suddenly
Are you really risking everything
Because you want to surprise me with a big spectacle!?

Nov 15

Ao Haru Ride – Sekai wa Koi ni Ochite Iru

The whole world is falling in love, an arrow of light striking their chests
I want to understand everything
“Hey, let me know”
You’re only a millimeter away, but so far
In the days of my youth passing by me
I won’t forget, I can’t forget this one, shining page

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