Monthly Archive: August 2014

Aug 31

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – Kimi ja nakya Dame Mitai

That’s right, you’re definitely the only one for me
And I want to be myself with you
Rolling around laughing, complaining, trying hard not to cry
There’s only one person in my world
That’s enough to make even me laugh, but
No one else can satisfy me
It’s meaningless if it’s not you

Aug 30


Please Please Tell me now, the truth
No No, Gently, your one hand
I want to anticipate the distance between us closing gradually
Click Click, “I absolutely won’t let you go” resounds in my heart
It’s a happy ending just for you! So dive into the beginning!

Aug 09

Sailor Moon Crystal – Moon Pride

Ah, even girls have a kind of pride they cannot give up
It’s to not give up their fates to their princes,
But to fight with their own volition

Shiny Make-up, shine! Gather in the starry sky
I’m not a being so frail that I must only be protected