Monthly Archive: June 2014

Jun 03

7 Years…?

This website is going to be 7 years old in September. It started as a summer project translating Pokemon themes on youtube for practice learning Japanese, and I think I started submitting School Rumble lyrics to around then too. So with that, I wanted to apologize for updates lessening over the years. This site …

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Jun 02

Isshukan Friends – Kanade

We held hands up to the ticket check
The usual noisiness, a new wind
Even though I cheerfully saw you off,
I wasn’t able to smile well as I watched after you

It seemed like the season you became an adult
Was not filled with sad songs
There was something I wanted to convey to you in the end
I searched for the words to replace “farewell”

Jun 02

K-ON! – Sweet Bitter Beauty Song

You’re a teenager burdened with sensibility, but your heart beats so quickly
You’re afraid it’ll burst out of your chest

But aren’t we on the same stage?
Just that makes your courage boil, doesn’t it?
Whether it’s a low tone or high tone,
Everyone wants to be Singing so Loud, with a voice of triumph