Monthly Archive: March 2014

Mar 31

AIR – Natsukage

You enclosed in your hands
A portion of the blue sky for the two of us
I bound in my hands
Grass that smelled of sunshine

Backs to the wind, we took off running
We aimed for that big sky

Mar 26

Visual Novels

I’m quite excited that more and more visual novels are getting released in North America… But they’re so long I can’t manage to finish one before another comes out. And then, since they’re usually not marketed very heavily, I’ll later find out about others that have already been released, that I’ve always wanted to play… …

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Mar 17

Golden Time – Haneikyuuteki ni Ai shite yo

Love me semi-permanently♡ I’ll lose interest after 5000 years
I’m not endless, after all – I’ll die one day, you know?
Even if you tell me you’ll love me forever ♡ I won’t be happy
To begin with, I’ll consider it if you just love me until I die ♡

Mar 17

Golden Time – The♡World’s♡End

Your words illuminate my world more than anyone elses’
Next to you, “goodbye” is really “I love you”, you see…
I can’t be honest… Even though it is just me singing of loneliness
I can’t smile… “thank you” is really “I want you”, you see…
Your dreams illuminate me more than anything else
Like, even if you become anxious when we cuddle
My heart won’t break… even if we break up one night
I won’t run away… this is an endless “I love you”, you see…
The World’s End of love in my heart…

Mar 17

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Raindrops become drops of blood
And stream down my cheeks
If there’s no place anywhere that you can return to now…

Follow my finger
And I’ll take you by the fingers
To the forbidden forest where cicadas cry
You can no longer turn back