Monthly Archive: November 2013

Nov 30

Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – Namidairo no Tsubasa

The wings I received from you are tear-colored wings
They might be fickle or weak but they will never break

Cross over the green hill, break through the silver clouds
I have no limits because I am living in the sky of this world

Nov 30

Hetalia The Beautiful World – Anata ni Kyou mo Hohoemi wo

I want to be an entity
That brings relief to your tired body and mind

I will devote myself to entertaining you so you may smile again today
Please come here with a cheerful attitude,
And I will go together with you any time

Nov 30

Hetalia The Beautiful World – I’m Your HERO

Load up with a hamburger, cola and ice cream
And fly around the Earth! (My place)
I’m your HERO~ Shoot up from Florida!
I’m your HERO~ Rescue the weak NAHAHAHAHAHA
Miracle HERO Yeah!
How many wishes do you have?
I’ll be the judge!

Nov 30

Hetalia The Beautiful World – My Friend

Shaggy, light brown hair
Very hard-working
Loves milk
And is shy around anyone but me
Helps me quietly in the middle of the night
Such a kind guy
Brownie, Brownie, a long friendship
Brownie, Brownie, my friend

Nov 27

Hetalia The Beautiful World – Kyou wo Tanoshimou ze

Do not run away, it doesn’t matter when
The pride and dignity persists on

I can hear the resounding bell of Big Ben
Four rings tells me that it is noon
I continue protecting my history and morals
Ladies & Gentlemen, don’t dirty our brilliant glory

Nov 27

Hetalia The Beautiful World – Ich Liebe…

I am baking Kuchen!
It’ll be ready in 2 hours!
Today’s is a sweet Kuchen
full of apples!

Nov 25

OreImo 2 – Zutto…

These same feelings are not a lie
We came to believe in them, so we can agree;
So I’m sure we’ll be okay
There are many futures in your eyes
I wonder if I could catch them if I reached out for them?
I’ll touch all of them for you

Nov 24

Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – Mezameta Asa ni wa Kimi ga Tonari ni

When you were running the bases
There was shallow fly ball
You see it and suddenly stop in your tracks

Why is it that after that one thing
You can’t get a hit anymore?
I had thought it was strange

Nov 24

Kokoro Connect – Salvage

Everything Randomize
Because I am doubtful, I cannot run away
I swallow the pain in my heart; salvage the bitter weakness

Everything Randomize
While drowning in a sea of irrationality
With an outstretched hand, can I determine
The “someday” I left behind?

Nov 22

Kokoro Connect – Kimi Rhythm

Your voice bounces on the wind to the revolving rhythm of everyday life
The unexpected expression you make is dazzling

How long has it been since I remembered that commotion?
What waits for me ahead where I am gazing?

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