Monthly Archive: March 2013

Mar 03

Little Busters! – Haruka Kanata

No matter what far away place
No matter what light
I hold on, crossing over a thousand stars
I am able to laugh because you are laughing
On a day underneath a clear sky

Mar 03

Little Busters! – Ame Nochi Hare

The red, blooming petals on the wayside
Are dyed by rain again today
Children passing by splash in shallow puddles as they run home
When a single droplet falls
My heart overflows with a single droplet
You taught me how to count the sounds of the rain

Mar 03

Little Busters! – Alicemagic

You told me I definitely could laugh after I cried
I won’t ever forget our journey

I’ll cast a spell so I won’t lose it and never say goodbye
You’ll walk on again someday

Mar 03

OreImo – Shokuzai no Serenade

Maschera, sounding of grief
I am embraced in a kind melody
Maschera, Let me hear your words
And I shall fall into the darkness again

Mar 03

Rewrite – Itsuwaranai Kimi e

Hey, what kind of life could you save?
With those eyes that never look ahead
I wonder what kinds of words
We should use to rewrite it and go on living?

Mar 03

Suki tte Ii na yo – Friendship~For Suki tte Ii na yo~

Always, always, there are days when things
Don’t necessarily go very well
So smile!

I’ll always, always remember
How happy I was with the single word you gave me

Mar 03

Little Busters! – Song For Friends

For whom do we go on?
For whom do we awaken again for?
Whether that person exists or not, I call to them

Mar 03

Little Busters! – Saya’s Song

The fever of my heart was gradually taken
By a coldness that was like snow

I knew everything, I lost everything
But that’s okay,
Because that’s what came from trying to grasp something

Mar 03

Little Busters! – Saya no Nemureru Requiem

There are times when
This long dream has been tough for me
But when I look back on it, hey
The tears come again
So let’s sing a fun song
It doesn’t matter what song, I’ll smile and sing
Every day that I wandered because I was embarrassed
I wanted you to hear me

Mar 03

Little Busters! – Pickles wo Oishiku Suru Tsukurikata

The first time I ate bitter, bitter pickles
I thought that they were a bother because they weren’t sweet
Those worthless pickles were rather like me
I wonder why you would have such a thing

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