Monthly Archive: October 2012

Oct 26

Tenchi Muyo! – Boku wa Motto Pioneer

I am even more a pioneer
Even if no one says it
I have huge dreams

I am even more a pioneer
Always hearing the words
“Be serious!”

Oct 26

Pokemon – Aratanaru Chikai

Even if I can hear a new cry
My motto won’t change
That’s right! “Gotta catch’em all!”

Even if a new rival appears
My curiosity won’t change
C’mon! Let’s battle!

Oct 25

Cyborg 009 (2001) – Genesis of Next

21st century true love
This isn’t the time for fighting with the person
In the seat next to you
It’s not a place for loneliness

21st century true love
Let’s look at the light raining down
Let’s grasp the image of something
Let’s search for some phrase

Oct 25

Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2 – Yajirushi ni Natte!

A single, swift arrow!
A single, supple arrow!
A single, contemplating arrow!
That is us, right now!

Arrow, go on to your target!
Arrow, shine even more than now!
Pierce into my dreams!

Oct 25

ef – a tale of memories – Sora no Yume

A smile, to reach you
At the ends of the earth
Somehow, so far away, return to tomorrow

Oct 25

ef – a tale of melodies – Negai no Kakera

If my wish cannot be granted
I’ll pretend not to notice
And smile

Oct 25

ef – a tale of memories – Kizamu Keshiki

As always, your voice
your kindness, is painful to me

With hesitant eyes, hiding my confusion
And smiling painfully

Oct 25

ef – a tale of memories – I’m here

The unchanging days go by and by
And my time goes by, doing nothing in particular

If I walk, swaying in the wind
I wonder if it’ll change one day? Tomorrow, I mean

Oct 25

ef – a tale of melodies – Egao no Chikara

I hold onto your sound tightly
I won’t let go of your hand holding mine
Don’t forget the important things
A smile, continuing into the future