Monthly Archive: July 2011

Jul 18

Sora no Woto – Negaigoto Kimi to

A light – two shadows become one
It’s only my sound

Singing – is the only escape
It’s a song that’s mine alone

Jul 18

Sora no Woto – Hikari no Senritsu

Sound of the sky, echo high and overcome sadness
All of what is reflected in your eyes is the real world
Not even tears can keep you behind
You play the song of tomorrow, surrounded in light

Jul 18

K-ON!! – Samidare 20 love

Raindrops begin to fall, how pretty they are
Like dropplets of soda water come to stop the town’s yawning

I count three droplets and catch a big one on my forehead
The rain speaks to me

Jul 18

CLANNAD – Chiisa na Tenohira

Inside of her tiny hand is a strength that will one day surpass our own
We walked on since the day we cried beneath the ripened grapes
Her hand is small, but even if we’re separated, we’ll walk down this road
And there will come a day, someday,
Where we put away our best memories

Jul 18

Azumanga Daioh – Poi Poi PEACE

“If it’s a pain, just toss it!”

If you’re havin’ fun, race after it swiftly
If it makes ya happy hug it tightly
Listen! Listen!
If ya don’t, I’ll stamp ya with a “X”

Jul 06

K-ON!! – Diary wa Fortissimo

Jumping, my fingertips don’t stop jumping atop the keyboard
Dancing, Like it is imitating a dancing heartbeat

I want to spell out my feelings in musical notes
So I take yet another word
“Thank you” “I’m so happy” “I love you”
I write in the largest fortissimo font