Monthly Archive: September 2010

Sep 24

K-ON!! – Utauyo!!MIRACLE

I really love you!!
It’s a tension-rising lu-la-la Powerful Gig Time
My heart is, my heart is, an excitement-seeking genius
Even if I say “Huh!?” or start racking up misses
I want to set free my boiling bravery
On with the tremolo, followed by flam
Ain’t it awesome, ain’t it awesome, ain’t it awesome to feel so good
I’m always so happy, it’s the way “now” feels
Live on, fair maidens, with your bare instincts

Sep 24

K-ON!! – Aozora no Monologue

Alone in a classroom under a sky dyed red and blue
I close the novel* I finished reading, my heart trembling in longing

A bag heavy with textbooks, a cell phone full of messages
This is the way I seem to be, don’t I seem that way?

Sep 24

K-ON!! – Shiawase Biori

Glorious, perfect weather for a stroll
Perfect weather to fill your lungs with air
The alarm clock went off an hour early
So there’s a little time to go out

Sniffing puppy, fluffy clouds
And the flowers in the pot
I can’t stop smiling, I wonder why?
I don’t know but… tehehe

Sep 24

K-ON!! – Seishun Vibration

It started without me realizing it – that’s my youth
And before I knew it I had done it:
That position feels better than anything
Instead of saying “Come with me”, I’ll search for the best line
The moment we become one I burn hot!!
Though it seems unlike me…

Sep 24

NANA – Kuroi Namida

Black tears flow
Inside of me there is nothing; there’s too much sadness
I can’t even turn it into words
My body is exuding pain
And I can’t withstand it all on my own