Monthly Archive: August 2010

Aug 10

K-ON!! – NO,Thank You!

NO, Thank you!! I don’t need memories
Because I’m strongly, deeply in love with the now
Being flooded with memories is a sweet, adult-like luxury
And yet… I wanna refrain from it

Aug 10

K-ON! – Giita ni Kubittake

Let’s try, I’ll change you from a super shy guy to a loudmouth
Whether you live or die depends solely on my skill
Now, I’ll accellerate my picking
Warmth spreds through my body
No one can stop me now,
I’m already head over heals for Giita!

Aug 10

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl – Saikoo Everyday!!

We’re a good combination
With perfect communication
Always in high tension
WOW WO sha la la… so we’re fine!

We have good vibrations
Congratulations for tomorrow
It’s always a revolution
Let’s go on this road, aim to be a Pokemon master!

Aug 10

CLANNAD – Onaji Takami

If I made the final shot
Would you be surprised?
I’d dedicate it to you
As evidence of today

I’m still torn apart on one side
But without realizing it, I’d set that goal
Like a child

Aug 10

CLANNAD – Tooi Tabi no Kioku

A shadow that rose to the water’s surface
A vividly colored sky

The atmosphere drifts
To the ends of silence

White scenery, memories of ancient times
For now, they just
Pile into heaps of wishes
Even this sunken world shines

Aug 10

CLANNAD – Uminari

I heard the sound of the sea, what sorts of things shall we talk about?
In the short time before you close your eyes
The bravery that flows without even a shadow left behind
Will it be connected to those irreplaceable memories someday?

Aug 10


Baby I’m standing alone, It’s an unforgettable Rainy Day
I chase after your shadow and it’s over, like sand through my fingers

I sigh every night, I scream like a child and cried
Sorrow drifts over me quietly, Please, please, God,
Forgive me of my sins

Aug 10

NANA – Wish

Baby, this world is different from yesterday
I can see no one but you
Baby, my wish on a wing
Splits open the sky
From just a single, overflowing word

Aug 10

Working!! – Heart no Edge ni Idoumou Go to Heart Edge

I’ll challenge at the edge of my heart
And gaze fixedly at only my feelings
It might come anytime at random
So it’s best to wait for your chance!
I’ll flip over the ace of my heart
And gaze fixedly on my willpower
I’ll search for the image
Of the shape of love’s silhouette

Aug 10

K-ON!! – Pyua Pyua Haato

Fly away! To where you are
This pure pure heart of mine
I’ll have no fear if you will accept it
But when these feelings passed through the atmosphere
You had disappeared from the other side of the street
Oh well, I * Don’t mind

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