Monthly Archive: May 2010

May 24

K-ON!! – Listen!!

We’ll sing, we’ll sing with the same feeling as ever
No matter how small this one song in the world is
We’ll live life to the fullest
So we won’t have regrets even if we die today
Release, passionately
This is our PRECIOUS Heart Beat
We’ll sing it

May 24


Crap, I can’t stop, won’t stop
Morning, noon and night I’m singing so loud
We only know the things we like, us Girls Go Maniac
That kind of melody, these kinds of lyrics
We wanna search for ‘em more and more
Everyone, together, take a chance chance, your wishes,
Jump jump, raise ‘em up, have some
Fun fun, your feelings, shout shout ‘em out, express ‘em
If you mess up, rehearse it and do it one more time!

May 24

CLANNAD – Shoujo no Gensou

The flying bird twirls
The flying bird descends
On an ancient path

Suspended on the wind
Fragrant in the wind
In an imaginary sky

On a day of racing emotions, you vanish

May 24


Two o’clock passed and we were still lost
How far will we walk? To the distant place we saw in our dreams
Even in this town where nothing is new
The unfamiliar scenery increases

May 24

CLANNAD – Negai ga Kanau Basho

And so I forgot yet another thing
Springs mornings where flowers blew around
The sky as seen through a broken prism
Just wanting to touch them, just wanting to wish for them

May 24

CLANNAD – Kaze no Shoujo

If you accept, it’s final
She’ll never take it back
She leaves like the wind
Hasn’t she forgotten something important?

May 24

CLANNAD – Ichiman no Kiseki

Live, (because you live) even if living is shameful
Live, (because you live) living protects you
Live, (because you live) even if living is shameful
Live, (because you live) living makes you shine

May 24

CLANNAD – Hitohira no Sakura

I walked with you one time, on this slope blooming with cherry blossoms
You were a person who was like a single flower petal

I stood in the place where I chased you in a dream
You then tell me to live without having regrets