Monthly Archive: February 2010

Feb 16

Naruto – Seishun Kyousoukyou

As it is I’ll only share things with you
And before long we’ll realize that that’s everything
My sadness flows down my cheeks and becomes just a river of tears
These trembling feelings strongly swirl and melt together!

Feb 16

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Daga Sore Dake ja Nai

It must have been something stronger than anyone,
Than the wind, than me
Although it’s further away than anyone,
Than the wind, than me
That’s not all
That’s not all

Feb 16

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Sakyou Pare Parade

Now, it’s the strongest para-parade
In short, it’s the most happy-happy
Go on, everyone! Para-parade
In short, it’s a happy-happy parade

The future? The universe? Of course!

Feb 16

CLANNAD – Toki wo Kizamu Uta

You were the only one, the only one
I loved
My sight is blurred by the wind
And you become distant

Forever, I’ll remember
Even if everything changes
There’s this one thing, this one thing
It’s pretty mundane, but
I’ll show you this one thing, full of light
And I’ll protect it forever, forever

Feb 16

CLANNAD – Sora ni Hikaru

The shining cosmos, the shining stars
The surrounding sky
The shining sea, the shining ground
We are those people

For your sake, for your sake
I had an endless dream
Your eyes, your eyes
Could still see the distance

Feb 16

Naruto Shippuuden – Sign

It told me to follow these scars
Before I’d be crushed by the weight of the world
Can you remember it? The sky of tears…
That pain has given you protection
Because this pain will always protect you

Feb 16

CLANNAD – -Kage Futatsu-

I’ll change these growing feelings into words
No matter what, I’ll hold onto your warm hand
And continue creating
My time with you

Feb 16

Bleach – Sakurabito

If we can be born again, let’s meet underneath the cherry tree
And walk together in this season that we longed for
In the pridefully distant sky, on a nameless wind
I sent to you uncolored flowers from the bottom of my heart

Feb 16

Rurouni Kenshin – Sobakasu

Memories are always beautiful, but
With just them, your stomach will feel empty
And the truth is, though this is a painful night
I wonder why? I can’t even remember his tears
I can’t even remember
Why… La La La La La La
Why can’t I?

Feb 16

Kanon – Last Regrets

The fragments rain down into my hands
I’ll hold onto them forever, forever
I already know
The strength of smiling until the end