Monthly Archive: September 2009

Sep 11

K-ON! – Dear My Keys~Kenban no Mahou~

76 keys, 76 little elves
Express my feelings
Even the feelings I can’t put into words will become an honest melody
In the ears of people who have heard it
In the hearts of people who have felt it
With a magic that leaves behind something warm

Sep 11

Lucky Star – Mo,Mousou Machine.

Write on, it’s the only way!
Maiden closest to me!
Is it okay to dedicate my youth to this? It’s okay, right??
I won’t stop because I can’t stop
I like the fuzzy feeling, so it’s all good… it’s all instinct, right!?
So I’ll go with this nice stuff through thick and thin, AH!

Sep 11

Naruto Shippuuden – Hotaru no Hikari

SHA LA LA I’m sure, someday, I’ll obtain it
Softly in my fleeting heart, a light is burning
SHA LA LA Person dear to me, you, too, can see it
The dazzling moon softly illuminates tomorrow
Shining strongly, strongly

Sep 11

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Tomare!

The past is one’s own
Naturally, I wouldn’t want to trade mine away to anyone

That’s because…

Sep 11

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Super Driver

I’m a super driver, leave the charging in to me
I’ll go on no matter what
“It’s impossible!” (Don’t you stop me)
Get over that, Take it easy, Go!!
A big victory? Of course it was!
What came of it? It felt good!
“Review meeting?” (Get back to wild)
More importantly, hurry it up!

Haven’t done this or that yet, It’s always so sudden
I’m totally, totally, inexperienced, but what’s wrong with that?