Monthly Archive: July 2009

Jul 25

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien – Hoshizora no Waltz

As the midsummer constallations shine down on us
We softly pray
With honest feelings
To be together

Light has now been born
Inside both of our hearts

Jul 25

K-ON! – Fude Pen~Ball Pen~

All right, I’m gonna write smoothly with all my love
So that me and you can be connected by happiness
When you’ve received it
I’m showing you my dreams as my characters dance around
Hang in there, calligraphy pen, you’ve made it this far
I’m totally serious

Jul 25

K-ON! – Cagayake! GIRLS

Jumping Now
Seriously pretty Never Ending Girls’ Life
We’re serious every day, it’s now or never ’cause we’re live!
Even if you wake up early, going to bed early is a no, no, no!
Shouting with all I’ve got, “Woo-hoo!”
Seriously wonderful Never Ending Girls’ Song
Our afternoon tea time couldn’t be better
Our love is unrequited, but it’s an honorable defeat, so Here We Go!
When we sing we’re Shining After School

Jul 25

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl – Moe yo!! Gizamimi Pichuu

Its name is “Spiky-eared Pichu”
Ha! Ha! It’s a perky character!
Its posture is really like kung-fu
Ho! Ho! It’s a charming individual

Jul 25

Hidamari Sketch – Sketch Switch

If something like a good mood can become a good feeling
It’s a contest! Eat an apple as fast as you can!
It’s not like that! It’s okay to be noisy!?
With fruit as our models
C’mon, shall we sketch them? It’s our homework, after all!

Jul 25

Code Geass – Mosaic Kakera

I had assembled the fragments of a mosaic
For “A good way to live well”
That ovular thing that seemed so beautiful
Above the path I chose
though I bluffed and stumbled
Were unburied fragments, chipping off and falling

Jul 25

Bleach – Life

When I leave for a place where the sun shines, with open arms
I think, “I wonder if I could cross the sky?”

I still can’t see my wings for flying
Because I can’t just go on, I continue to live

Jul 25

Bleach – Movin!!

Warattetai kara!
Warattetai kara!