Monthly Archive: December 2008

Dec 19

Azumanga Daioh – Kokoro wa Shoujo de Parachute

How do you stop feeling lonely?
The heart is a young girl’s parachute
As I waited in the park, I realized
On my way home (I want to take)
A roundabout way (To drop in and see)

Dec 19

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl – Ashita wa Kitto

No matter what, I split everything in half with you
I even split my beloved afternoon snack in half with you
Today I’ll even split all my fun in half with you
In half with you

Dec 19

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl – High Touch!!

You’re a nice partner!
You’re a nice rival!
We may argue
But as long as we follow each other
I think we’ll find a way to compromise

Dec 19

Naruto Shippuuden – Closer

“Continue chasing after your dreams”
And “Go on without giving up”
The more you say pretty things like that
The less that actually gets done

I’ll keep a handful of courage in my heart
To use to live through tomorrow
And I’ll never take it for granted

Let’s go

Dec 19

Naruto Shippuuden – Long Kiss Good Bye

Even though “I want to be loved” in my own way
It fills me, but I can’t see you
I just have the feeling that I’ll never see you again…
I want to tell you that, but I can’t find the right words
Maybe it’s okay if I lie, but I can’t even say, “Don’t go away”

Dec 19

Card Captor Sakura – Prism

A pocket full of angels dancing
It’s a message telling me to believe in myself

Full of beauty, dancing back and fourth
It’s a present from the sky for my persistent heart

Dec 19

Ouran High School Host Club – Guilty Beauty Love

The crime is that everything I touch falls in love
It’s not your fault at all if your heart is stolen away
The punishment is that I must offer love infinately
Nonetheless, You’ll still touch me, right?