Monthly Archive: June 2008

Jun 27

Kekkaishi – Sha la la~Ayakashi NIGHT~

I will protect you (No matter what, it’s fine)
I will protect you and that’s it (That much is fine)
Byebye to just crying every day
Sha la la la…

Jun 27

Rurouni Kenshin – Heart of Sword~Yoake Mae~

Though I’m alone, I think I can cross over
The distant tomorrow, as long as it’s still dawn
Feelings that would break apart
Pass by each other again tonight

Jun 27

Pokemon Advanced Generation – Spurt!

All of the world, hey
It’s beyond what I could ever imagine
I’m laughing so hard I’m shaking
I’ll chase after my dream for ten thousand miles
Still not met, still not met my potential!

Waiting, waiting is useless, let’s just go and face it
Just do something, do it, do it, spurt off running!

Jun 27

Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus – Longing

Though I embrace you with arms dyed red
I offer tears illuminated blue to the moon

While I stare at the scars that were carved into your chest
I whisper “There’s no turning back…” to the night

Jun 27

Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus – Redemption

I had been quietly gazing at your figure
What else can I do besides avenge you?
As it returned to the universe until my tears dried

The sadness overflowing from these scars cannot be erased
I swore I would never forget it

Jun 20

Digimon – Secret Rendezvous

Take a firm, deep breath Every day
Completely reset
the courage inside your chest, Go!
Firmly face forward and stick out your chest
The preparation of our hearts is perfectly complete
Let’s go, So Rendezvous

Jun 20

Gundam Wing – Good Luck & Good Bye

Someday we’ll meet again in the dreams you’re searching for
I see your back, oposing the wind, becoming distant,

Jun 20

Gyakuten Saiban – Ooedo Senshi Tonosaman no Uta

Rebuilt from old wounds
A dry wind blows through the aching Neo Edo
The magistrate of evil: The Evil Magistrate
Go! Go! Until my life ends
I strike to kill him with the wrath of justice
Suddenly, it’s the hero, Tonosaman! Fly High!

Jun 20

Gyakuten Saiban – Koisuru Guitar no Serenade

Sugar, Sugar…
Held in your arms
The key to my heart was stolen just now

Jun 20

Naruto – Alive

Everyone makes mistakes
It’s nothing to be embarassed about
Don’t let your wounds go to waste
As long as you smile as you walk it’ll be fine

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