Monthly Archive: May 2008

May 24

Inuyasha – My Will

I think of you
And that alone is enough to now make my tears flow
I wish I could send these fleeting thoughts
Far away to you, no matter when…

May 24

Negima!? – 1000% Sparking

Our tough hearts are Sparking more Now!
If you polish it up, the world looks quite different!
Sparking Now! Our souls held high above our heads
To the limit of our power, aim for 1000%

May 14

Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto~Someday’s Dreamers~ – Kaze no Hana

A lonely winter, burried in snow
It’ll end soon, won’t it?
A cold sound strikes my cheek
As you back is shown to me

Flowers of the wind, come and open
Call forth spring into my heart
Flowers of the wind, come and open
Goodbye, snowflakes

May 14

Gravitation – Glaring Dream

This chilly time makes dreams rain down
Slipping through my hands
When I woke up from counting those wishes
You were reflected in a wavering illusion
A faint silhouette that guides me

May 14

All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku – Fine Colorday

As soon as I tie my shoe laces
Let’s head out!
I tap my heel twice
And step lightly
I hold your hand tightly
Because I just want to walk on
Little by little the scenery changes

May 14

School Rumble – Umi no Otoko wa yo!

Even the seagulls of the open sea
Won’t come near a man of the sea
Even though his wife cries on the hill
Who will take the first harpoon?
Hah, reel it in, reel it in