Monthly Archive: March 2008

Mar 22

Zoids Shinseiki /0 – Sasuraibito

The wind blows without a destination
Swaying, swaying, as I wander
So that at the end of the journey no one knows
I’ll draw the tomorrow that’s a mirage

Mar 22

Gundam Wing – Shinjitsu wo Tsukamitore

Even if I’m hurt I’ll just fight on to the ends of the earth
I would grasp it only if I believe in it, if I was searching for it
If I can question it, if I can question it, and it still doesn’t collapse
That… is justice

Mar 15

Final Fantasy X – Suteki da ne

Wouldn’t it be wonderful?
If the two of us could walk hand in hand
I’d want to go
To your city, your home, into your arms

Mar 15

Final Fantasy VII – Pure Heart

Beyond this long, continuing road
I’m sure there’s something to believe in

Mar 15

Ouran High School Host Club – Tsumetai Yoru

I realized it, by your words
And the single flower at my feet

If I lost it
There would be nothing to fear
As if I were trying to convince myself
I walked on

Mar 15

Death Note – Zetsubou Billy

This page of everlasting depression, fleeting tactics in those eyes
Without entreatment, an evil act tied to prison

Poisoned by a notebook, grasping onto fear from earthly desires
Incessantly drooling from the delusion of giant lies
Judgement, prattling on about generalizations of crime
Who would be able to do anything like break the deadlock?

Mar 15

Death Note – Alumina

“Lies” “Fear” “Vanity” “Grief”
I’m not so weak as
To be seized by such negativity
I’m a trickster that doesn’t know solitude

Mar 03

Gundam Wing – Cry For the Dream

Things like ordinary heroes
don’t suit me at all
I can’t stand them

Sugary things like friendship
are so boring they put me to sleep, it has to be a joke

Mar 03

Digimon – Yume no Kakera

Fukigen na toori ame ga ore wo oikoshite
Kimi no machi e to mukau goro ni
Zubunure no ore wa hitori tanoshiku natteta
Mizutamari nara yokenakute ii

Mar 03

Digimon – Towa ni Tsudzuke!

Set it free for eternity!! Your passion
And become the legend
Anyone and everyone can if they have a heart
Sound for eternity!! Cram your
excitement into your chest
And then, even just a little,
Take care of the future with your own hands

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