Monthly Archive: December 2007

Dec 26

Kingdom Hearts – Simple and Clean

When you walk away
You don’t hear me say,
“Please, oh baby, don’t go
Simple and clean is the way you’re making me
Feel tonight,”
It’s hard to let it go

Dec 26

Kingdom Hearts – Hikari

No matter when
The two of us always
No matter when
Are by each other’s sides
The light that is you will find me
In the middle of the night

Dec 26

School Rumble – He Stands the Rain

But when you look at me
Sometimes you see me and sometimes you don’t
As if, just for a moment, you visit Earth from a distant star

Dec 26

School Rumble – Koi no Kimochi

Itsumademo hohoemu kisu wo
Ima wa mada yume datte wakatteru kedo

Kodou sae anata ni awase
Kokoro no naka kara atsui mama

Dec 26

School Rumble Ni Gakki – Love

Is a “premonition of love” the real thing?
Not even God knows that
I can’t see the red thread now
But I’m sure my future love is infinite

Dec 16

Digimon Adventure – Ashita wa Motto…

But if I’m alone in this world
And instead of tears vanishing, love vanishes too
I won’t hang my head, I will spread my wings
And tomorrow I’ll become closer to the dream I once embraced

Dec 16

Digimon Tamers – Days~Aijou to Nichijou~

I just live here, and when I questioned the meaning of my existence
You said nothing, rather you stood by my side and smiled at me

Love and the ordinary are intertwined, bury that heart in a kiss
More than now, more than this, hold me tightly until I could break
More, tighter, more, more…

Dec 07

Graviation – Predilection

I was born to betray
With sharpened lips
All sorts of nonsensical reasons come together
Into a foolish PREDILECTION

Dec 07

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl – Together

For our “Last Resort”, we have our “Steadfast” hearts
We’ll cross over the tall Mt. Coronet
What kinds will we get? Where will we meet?
Our feelings of excitement are like our secret base
We will continue onto a new town, in shining times

Dec 07

Pokemon – Ready Go!

I want to chase that sort of feeling of freedom
And reach my hand toward the blazing sun
When I look back on yesterday, there were tears
But pay them no mind – I’m taking a step toward the future
Advance! Advance! With you, beyond the seven colors of the rainbow
Ready Go! Let’s go! Always
Carry your overflowing feelings

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