Monthly Archive: November 2007

Nov 28

La Corda d’Oro – Brand New Breeze

In this moving time, we met by chance, didn’t we, you & I?
So this overflowing feeling won’t disappear, I’m keeping it warm
Because I want to be with you, in the shining future
Brand New Breeze, I’ve never felt it before, this feeling
Just for you, so I won’t ever lose it

Nov 28

Ouran High School Host Club – Mata Ashita!

See you tomorrow! So I can meet you when you’re smiling
Like a cloud floating in a perfectly clear sky
With a full chest walk in the light of the day
With me

Nov 21

Pokemon Advanced Generation – Smile

Now, even if you can’t see it
I’m positive in your heart
Is the strength to believe in something
So I’ll wait for your smile

Nov 21

Digimon Tamers – Digital Surviver

A strange horizon with light piercing through the sky
I am here, withstanding the harsh wind

Open your eyes! Wild at heart
The battle draws near
Release the wildfire in your heart to survive

Nov 21

Pokemon Advanced Generation Watashi, Makenai!~Haruka no Theme~

I won’t lose! I’m in full serious mode!
I absolutely won’t give up until the end!
Someday I want to be a coordinator with fighting spirit!
So I can’t lose to a rival! I’m sure I’ll become self confident!

Nov 21

Pokemon Advanced Generation – Soko ni Sora ga Aru Kara

The wind will brush your cheeks; I’m sure it’ll say,
“It’s ok to fall. You are you, and that makes you wonderful,”

Those that haven’t been hurt cannot see the blue sky
On a journey where you hesitate to walk on, your life will shine

Nov 21

Pokemon – Hyakugojuuichi

That’s the number of my friends
Positively, absolutely, solidly
Its good to have many!
Definitely, it’s
Clearly, exactly, entirely
One Hundred and Fifty-One!

Nov 11

Ouran High School Host Club – Shissou

Hold your right and left hands above your head and pierce through the darkness, GO!
There’s no lies! I’ve decided it!
As soon as you cross the starting line the world will open up to you!

Nov 11

Pokemon – Mezase Pokemon Master

“Someday dreams come true”
Somebody sang that, but
Like a bud that someday becomes a flower
My dream will come true

Nov 04

School Rumble – Daisuki to Dakishimete Tobu Song

Falling in love is something that can’t be changed
I want to see you, it’s painful
I can’t see you, I sigh
If it is just a dream, I’ll run to you right away
And hold you, love you, and hold you…
As it is, I can fly to you

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